Scaled Agile Framework 4.5

SAFe® is an online, freely revealed knowledge base of proven success patterns for implementing Lean-Agile software and systems development at enterprise scale. It provides comprehensive guidance for work at the enterprise Portfolio, Value Stream, Program, and Team levels.

Our core belief is simple: Better systems and software make the world a better place.

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Scaled Agile Framework Fact Sheet

  • What is SAFe?
  • SAFe delivers better outcomes
  • Lean–Agile Practice Guidance for the Large Software Enterprise
  • Applicability
  • SAFe by the numbers
  • Role-based SAFe® Training and Certifications
  • Service Delivery & Tooling Partners

SAFe Introduction

SAFe provides online, freely revealed, and comprehensive guidance for achieving the benefits of Lean-Agile development at enterprise scale.
This document provides an overview of SAFe, including its values, principles, practices, and strategies for implementation.
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