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Next distance learning

Implementing SAFe® 5 – TORONTO


Next distance learning

Implementing SAFe® 5 – TORONTO


Agile support
 and advisory services

Organisations need customised support in order to anchor their Agile transformation in the long-term. Our teams will support you in the challenges caused by large-scale transformations such as lean Agile portfolio management, implementation of DevOps practices and tools within your teams and Agile coaching of development teams. We can offer you the right team to support you in your greatest strategic challenges.


Lean-Agile SAFe
® Transformation

As a Gold SAFe® partner since 2015, we specialise in rolling out Lean-Agile SAFe® within your entire organisation, reaching anything from several dozen to several hundred people. We take charge of the entire roll-out, training the management for the launch, coaching the first Agile release trains, and accelerating to operational excellence. Based on our experience in the subject, we launched the very first major SAFe® transformations in Canada and France in a whole range of different sectors such as banking, the insurance industry, manufacturing and theme parks.

learning and advisory services

Despite the constraints linked to Covid-19, we have not reduced the pace of our training courses or our workshops. We have adapted our training and advice so that everything can be carried out from a distance, using the best online collaboration tools. For instance, we launched two release trains and trained more than 500 people in the first few weeks following lockdown in France and Canada with a satisfaction index of more than 90%.

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You can access face-to-face or distance public training courses, meetups and partnerships to get into Scaled Agile.

Global SAFe® Summit 2020​

As Gold Partner, Digital Tango will participate in the Global SAFe® Summit 2020

Implementing SAFe® 5 – TORONTO

Implementing SAFe with SPC. In English.

Ken Pugh: Shift Testing Left to Build In Quality

Built-In Quality is a key value in developing software. Quality includes both building the right thing and building that thing right. In this session, Ken Pugh describes three ways to shift testing left to build in quality.

Leading SAFe® 5 – IN FRENCH

Appliquer un état d’esprit Lean-Agile avec SAFe® avec la certification SAFe® 5 Agilist

SAFe® 5 Lean Portfolio Management- IN FRENCH

Dans cette formation, vous apprendrez à aligner la stratégie avec l’exécution. Permet d’acquérir la certification SAFe®5 Lean Portfolio Management Practitioner.

Our mission

The unprecedented rate of digital demands and technological innovations is putting our organisations under pressure. Companies know that they need to transform – now. Their existing business models and organisational silos need to change in order to adapt rapidly to the pace of the market.
Digital Tango supports large organisations in implementing their Agile transformation strategies.
As a specialist in enterprise agility, Digital Tango trains, advises and supports managers, change agents and teams throughout the journey. We help organisations to realise their Agile transformations through the application of tried and tested Agile frameworks. The ultimate goal of our support is to make your organisation autonomous. Your success and autonomy are at the heart of our mission.