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Digital Tango is a consultancy firm founded in Montreal in 2012 and established in Paris since 2016. We are a team of French and English-speaking consultants passionate about improving working environments in large companies. Pioneers in enterprise agility and SAFe® partners since 2015, we train, advise and support managers and teams in implementing their Agile transformation strategies.

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Émilie Guay

SAFe Consultant - Change Management Specialist

Martin Lapointe

Consultant SPC - Coach agile

Christophe Berbeyer

Consultant - Lean-IT Agile Coach

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Scaled Agile

Digital Tango has been a SAFe® partner since 2015, which means since SAFe 2.5! As a result of our experience, we led the very first SAFe® transformations in the French-speaking world: first in the banking sector in France, then in Canada, and then in the air service sector in Ontario, for a theme park east of Paris as well as in the manufacturing industry in Quebec. SAFe® has evolved since its first versions, with SAFe® currently in its fifth iteration and integrating fields of knowledge ranging from DevOps, Lean Portfolio Management and Design Thinking.
SAFe® is a community of more than 600,000 people who have been trained and certified worldwide by following a training programme with 13 certifications and just as many workshops. It is also a network of Meetups in more than 80 cities around the world consisting of 25,000 active and passionate Agilists. Digital Tango organises the SAFe® Meetups in Montreal and Paris which bring together more than 1250 Agilists. SAFe® also involves two annual events which Digital Tango has taken part in since 2017 – the European SAFe® Summit and the Global SAFe® Summit. These are gatherings where several thousand people meet each year to share their experiences and meet up with colleagues and friends.
SAFe® is much more than a working environment, much more than a framework. SAFe®  is first and foremost a community, a mindset which allows organisations around the world to meet the challenges of our time in order to create better working environments and ultimately to have a better impact on the world.

Stéphanie Patois

During this pandemic period that we are going through, Stéphanie Patois, ANDC® counseling therapist, offers us her professional listening skills during individual online meetings to Digital Tango employees who feel the need.


Rentouch is a Swiss company that offers solutions to better collaborate in agile mode and particularly in a SAFe® environment. Rentouch’s flagship product is a PIPlanning.io application which enables remote PI planning (www.piplanning.io) to be set up. This application is synchronized in real time on the various remote stations as well as with the various ALM tools such as JIRA or Rally. It is today a must to carry out your agile transformations from a distance.