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Leading SAFe Training – In French

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Leading SAFe Training – In French


Coaching & consulting Lean-Agile SAFe
® Transformation

As a Gold SAFe® partner since 2015, Digital Tango has specialized in the deployment of the Lean-Agile SAFe® framework for organizations of several dozen to several hundred people. We support and advise you on the entire deployment, the launch of the transformation, the training of management and operational teams, the coaching of the first agile trains, and also through the management of portfolios.


In the context of Covid-19, Digital Tango has adapted its training offer in order to carry them out remotely or on site, using the best online collaboration tools.

The pace of training and workshops has increased: two trains have been launched and more than 500 people have been trained in the first weeks following confinement in France and Canada, with more than 90% satisfaction index.

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You can access face-to-face or distance public training courses, meetups and partnerships to get into Scaled Agile.

SAFe Release Train Engineer Training – In French

Facilitate the execution of a Lean-Agile ART with SAFe®5 Release Train Engineer certification

Leading SAFe Training – In French

Give yourself the capabilities to lead a SAFe® transformation within your company by becoming a SAFe Agilist (SA) 5.1 certified

SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE 5.1) de Scaled Agile

Faciliter et activer la livraison de valeur de bout en bout via les Agile Release Trains (ART) – et apprendre à créer un ART hautement performant en devenant un consultant expert – lorsque vous devenez un ingénieur SAFe® 5 Release Train (RTE). Acquérir une compréhension approfondie du rôle et des responsabilités d’un RTE dans l’entreprise SAFe®. Par l’apprentissage expérientiel, examinez le rôle de RTE dans une transformation Lean-Agile. Faciliter les processus ART et leur exécution, entraîner les dirigeants, les équipes et les Scrum Masters dans de nouveaux processus et mentalités. Découvrir comment préparer, planifier et exécuter un événement de planification d’incréments de programme (PI), principal catalyseur de l’alignement à tous les niveaux d’une organisation SAFe®.

Meetup Paris – How to make your Remote PI Planning a big success!

*This event is in English * COVID forced many organizations around the globe to suddenly facilitate 100% remote PI Plannings. Join us at this meetup as our friends from Rentouch, specialized in remote and distributed PI Planning, share some key learnings from their customers! They will walk us through a unique remote PI Planning Simulation where you have the chance to interact yourself and they will focus on the Do’s and Don’ts in remote PI Planning. We will all walk away with some great tips!

Implementing a Lean-Agile SAFe transformation in a enterprise with SAFe®

Implementing SAFe® with SPC – Training given in French
Duration: 4 and a half days.
Group price:
3 registered participants from the same company: 5% of the total standard registration fee
5 or more participants registered from the same company: 7.5% of the total standard registration fee


The SAFe® Business Agility Framework is an integrated, open and proven business agility model that will enable adoption of Leans and Agile practices within your organization. SAFe was built from feedback from practitioners and following the many Lean-Agile SAFe transformations.
This 4.5-day “Implementing SAFe with SPC5” training will give you the knowledge necessary to initiate an agile SAFe business transformation within your organization as a SAFe SPC agile coach.
The training will be given in French while the course materials are in English.

SAFe Meetup Paris with Dean Leffingwell

Agile20 Reflect Festival; A journey from Waterfall, RUP, Lean, Agile to SAFe®
Digital Tango is happy to organize this meetup with Dean Leffingwell, one of the founders of SAFe®!
During this session, Dean will share some of his most memorable career experiences (strengths and weaknesses), as well as lessons learned from this accumulation of knowledge that he is still trying to understand.
So don’t hesitate any longer, join us for this conference!

Our Mission

The unprecedented rate of digital demands and technological innovations is putting our organisations under pressure. Companies know that they need to transform – now. Their existing business models and organisational silos need to change in order to adapt rapidly to the pace of the market.

Digital Tango supports large organisations in implementing their Agile transformation strategies. As a specialist in enterprise agility, Digital Tango trains, advises and supports managers, change agents and teams throughout the journey. We help organisations to achieve their Agile transformations through the application of tried and tested Agile frameworks. The ultimate goal of our support is to make your organisation autonomous. Your success and autonomy are at the heart of our mission.

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