Scaled Agile Inc.

Digital Tango has been a SAFe® partner since 2015, which means since SAFe 2.5! As a result of our experience, we led the very first SAFe® transformations in the French-speaking world: first in the banking sector in France, then in Canada, and then in the air service sector in Ontario, for a theme park east of Paris as well as in the manufacturing industry in Quebec. SAFe® has evolved since its first versions, with SAFe® currently in its fifth iteration and integrating fields of knowledge ranging from DevOps, Lean Portfolio Management and Design Thinking.
SAFe® is a community of more than 600,000 people who have been trained and certified worldwide by following a training programme with 13 certifications and just as many workshops. It is also a network of Meetups in more than 80 cities around the world consisting of 25,000 active and passionate Agilists. Digital Tango organises the SAFe® Meetups in Montreal and Paris which bring together more than 1250 Agilists. SAFe® also involves two annual events which Digital Tango has taken part in since 2017 – the European SAFe® Summit and the Global SAFe® Summit. These are gatherings where several thousand people meet each year to share their experiences and meet up with colleagues and friends.
SAFe® is much more than a working environment, much more than a framework. SAFe®  is first and foremost a community, a mindset which allows organisations around the world to meet the challenges of our time in order to create better working environments and ultimately to have a better impact on the world.