Tasktop – Flow Framework Partner

The Flow Framework®, created by Dr. Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop, is designed to work at the largest of organizational scales and to support stringent regulatory requirements where needed. Even the most traditional, complex, or safety-critical organizations can apply the concepts to drive software innovation at the right pace for their business. The Value Stream Metrics you can derive from this framework allow organizations to track the flow of business value in software delivery, in a way that both the software delivery organization and the business can understand. They correlate the investment in flow for each product’s value stream with the business results for that value stream.

Tasktop is a proven and trusted technology partner that provides business executives with real-time visibility and telemetry into their software product value streams — in their language,” said Beditz. “This new program makes it easier for partners to collaborate with Tasktop and achieve elevated product and industry expertise. It is designed to enable partners to create an industry-leading customer experience through a comprehensive certification program, world-class technology and support from Tasktop. For customers, the net result of Tasktop’s pure-play value stream platform, coupled with the continuous improvement domain expertise of our Partners, provides an unprecedented way to see, measure and improve the flow of value from their software products to the business, as they transform from a project-based to product-based organization.